I enjoy observing the world more so at times than being a part of it. I am deeply interested in the power of memory and the intense moments that nostalgia delivers. I use my artistic processes as a platform to express current experiences and explorations of self. I allow the vulnerability and closeness that one might feel in relationship to a person to seep into the crevices of my compositions and into the places in which I inhabit.


Driven by text and image, I often work with elements from the PNW that hold a strong amount of texture, repetition and crave the moments where those two have room to vary. I experiment with where representation interacts with abstraction and where visual sensations communicate with the tactile. I am attracted to the marrying of different medias, such as graphite, print, collage and textile design. 

Be it a physical representation or images generated from memory, my work is a window into my identity as an artist, dreamer and member of a community. My aim is to communicate both beauty and sentimentality. Through this exploration, I move beyond the constraints of how self-portraiture is traditionally defined and how I process the world in which we coexist.

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